Global Inequality as a Consequence of Human Diversity:

A New Theory Tested by Empirical Evidence
Tatu Vanhanen

Tatu Vanhanen extends his ground breaking research undertaken with Richard Lynn in IQ and Global Inequality (2006). Here the analysis is expanded by using more measures of inequality, confirming that three-quarters of global variation in socio-economic inequality is explained by population differences in IQ.

These inequalities exist in basic human conditions: per capita income, the rate of university enrolment, mortality of children under 5 years of age, access to sanitation, and index of democracy.

As IQ is a phenotypic trait, caused by genes (three quarters) and environment (one quarter), Vanhanen concludes that inequality between populations cannot be explained by environmental factors alone. Inequality between populations is largely a by-product of human genetic diversity. Unless we are willing to abolish genetic variation between populations, we should accept a degree of inequality as part and parcel of that variation.

Global Inequality

Reviewers' comments

"Tatu Vanhanen has written a challenging book on international wealth differences with the central message that the currently prevailing "environmental worldview" needs to be replaced by a "phenotypic worldview". He bases his approach on evolutionary theory and empirical data and extensively discusses alternative views. In order for science to progress, one should not repeat the predominant view but question it. This highly stimulating book is recommended to all who want to broaden their perspective."
Heiner Rindermann, Department of Psychology, Technical University Chemnitz, Germany.

"Undoubtedly, some readers will take task with the chilling hypothesis presented in this book, but they are advised to first consult Tatu Vanhanen's supporting evidence. It is, I fear, substantial!"
Helmuth Nyborg, Aarhus University, Denmark, (1968-2007).

"This book will be invaluable to anyone interested in the real causes of inequality in human conditions. Highly recommended!"
Ignaty Zhuravlev, Moscow State University, Russia.

"This book's thesis is as bold as it is makes a clear argument and an original contribution and defends it convincingly."
Mankind Quarterly

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  • Published 2014 by Ulster Institute for Social Research, London

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