The Life History Approach to Human Differences

A Tribute to J. Philippe Rushton
Edited by Helmuth Nyborg

A collection of articles by eminent scientists, first published in Personality and Individual Differences to mark the death in 2012 of J. Philippe Rushton. His ground-breaking and controversial research in the fields of evolutionary theory, genetic similarity theory, r/K-theory, life history theory, sex differences, brain size differences, and altruism was the catalyst for fierce debate within both the academic community and the wider population. The debate is one that continues to this day.

Additional Information

Contributors to the thirteen papers include the late Arthur Jensen, Heiner Rindermann, Richard Lynn and Gerhard Meisenberg. The book includes an obituary to J. Philippe Rushton and a conversation between Rushton and Helmuth Nyborg.

Reviewers' comments

"This will be a useful book for psychology students and the layman interested in what is at worst a controversial and thought-provoking and at best a ground-breaking theory."
Mankind Quarterly

  • Available formats: paper cover or e-book (pdf)
  • 370 Pages
  • ISBN 9780993000119 (paper cover)
  • ISBN 9780993000126 (e-book)
  • Published 2015 by Ulster Institute for Social Research, London

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